Lumps and Bumps

Getting unusual lumps checked out is important.At times, lumps can appear on your body and whilst most lumps are benign (non cancerous), it is important to get them checked out to be sure exactly what they are and whether or not they need treatment.

Lumps are normally referred to in medical terms as tumours which are either benign or malignant. It is not always possible to tell with a lump whether it is malignant without further testing being done.

Some examples of Benign lumps include :

  • Cysts: lumps filled with fluid. Common types include sebaceous cysts on the skin, filled with greasy sebum.
  • Nodules: formed in inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, sarcoid and polyarteritis
  • Lipomas: lumps of fat cells
  • Fibromas and fibroademonas: lumps of fibrous or fibrous and glandular tissue
  • Haematoma: lump formed by blood escaping into the tissues - simply a large bruise
  • Haemangioma: lump formed by extra growth of blood vessels
  • Papilloma: formed from skin or internal membrane cells, for example warts

Benign tumours do not invade or spread around the body. They can grow quite large without causing problems, although that doesn't mean they're totally harmless because their growth may start to damage the other tissues or organs around them. These lumps can look unsightly and many patients prefer to have them removed for this reason.

Malignant tumours on the other hand are more serious and are also known as cancers. They invade the tissues around them and spread to other parts of the body by sending out cancer cells into the lymphatic system or through the blood stream.

If you discover a lump on your body, it is advisable to get it checked out by a professional, who will be able to advise you what, if any treatment is required.

Please contact the clinic to make an appointment if you are worried about any unusual lumps.


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